‘We are gathered here, for design.’

SPELLEDIT is a gathering of people with humor and pleasantness. We explore and actualize not only talent but also personality through all the efforts. Experimentation, ideas and cooperation often accompany dramatic events, frustrations, and successes. When those elements reach a climax, we share it with the world in order for people to experience and express their impressions.

SPELLEDIT is looking for business partners worldwide.
If you’re interested in cooperating, Please send us an email.
Feel free to contact us!

如果您对SPELL的合作感兴趣,请给我们发电子邮件! 欢迎与我们联系!

  • Head Office
  • Hyo-joo bldg.
  • 111-5 Cheongdam-dong
  • Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • ​info@spellofficial.com
  • TEL. 82 + 02 912 7313

  • @spelledit
  • @spelledit_daily
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